Fall Cleaning Routine-Seasonal Cleaning

Now that the foliage started to change color, I want to share some Fall Cleaning Routine with you to get you started on your Seasonal Cleaning and help you start the holidays with an organized and warmth-inviting home.

We begin to welcome the Fall by putting Summer’s clothes away, organizing the backyard and putting tools away. That is a good time to go through the items I want to keep and the items I would like to donate or just dispose . There is only so much space in the house, garage or shade to store everything. Sometimes it feels much easier to just throw everything into a pile but only to get you hostile next time you need to get to that room. I believe that we all have that room, drawer, closet that we want to get to whenever possible. The thing is that, the time we need to organize never happens. There is always something else of more urgency to do- leaving the project to next time.

Many people have heard of to do lists and how it helps us to keep organized. It seems like a quick solution if you can keep it written. I go days without writing on my journal- simply because there is always something else that comes along the way. For that reason, I break down the tasks in small steps. I found this video on YouTube, it breaks down in details how to use a To-Do-List. I find it so much easier to complete a task when I break it down in small steps.

We can make time on our daily schedule routine to tackle the specific room/area in the house. For example; bedrooms-Lauder all pillows. Bedding, and mattress pads, rotate/flip mattress. Declutter closets, and switch out summer clothing for fall/winter clothing. In the bathrooms; I like taking both the curtain and liner and put them in the wash machine and scrub the shower thoroughly. In the kitchen; I like to break-down the cleaning in smaller steps. The refrigerator; I take all food/drink that is outdated or just hath empty and throw it away. Than, I can take the next appliance like the stove/oven and clean it thoroughly. And just move on to the next task as time permit it . For the rest of the house; I focus on the light fixture, ceiling fans, clean the windows, vacuum dusty canvas.

You can follow this site for complete list : Fall Cleaning Checklist

I believe that there is not a specific order in where, or what to start working on, as long it is complete before I move on to the next task. Just by seeing the progress I have made, it motivates me to move on to the next one. For me it is all about starting it-once I started I get motivated and focus on the task. There is nothing wrong in checking what other people are doing to help them achieve their To-Do-List, just make sure to add your own details-there is only one unique YOU! Also, I love scented candles, my favorite one for the Fall is Autumn Wreath from Yankee Candle. It leaves a nice smell and sets the mood for the Fall.

No matter how long you take to get your task done this Fall. Just focus in one task at a time, and in no time you will find yourself enjoying a clean home with your family and friends!

For additional reading we recommend: https://successfulhomemakers.com/fall-cleaning-checklist/ Enjoy your reading!

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