Cleaning Visit Confirmation.

   There are many reasons why cleaning companies use different method of confirming the service appointment with their customer prior to the cleaning visit. Here are just a few reasons. So, the customer does not miss the cleaning appointment and result in extra charge, have the cleaning on a hold or on a waiting list altogether.

We are happy that we satisfied our custome

 We at “Office and home cleaning” went through an experience and wanted to share it so It could potentially help future customers or other companies. The other week one of our customers asked for our availability and we offered a few time slots, we talked about two possible days and miss scheduled. We felt uncomfortable and needed to make it up to the customer, so we provided a discount for the service. The customer was very enthusiastic about the cleaning. We are happy that we satisfied our customer, however using more than just one way of communication of follow up would have prevented the miss scheduled visit.

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So, when booking an appointment let the other party know your flexibility. And provide at least two ways to be reach at. For example, a reminder appointment using a valid email, text messaging or a phone call, will help stay on track for the cleaning visits.

Schedule a cleaning on a later day

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Appointment Reminder

Office and Home Cleaning does not charge the service solely based on the cleaning itself, but the scheduled slot. That is simply because we cannot find a last-minute replacement for the canceled appointment. In addition, depending on the season, we might not be able to reschedule and consequently you end up losing your cleaning visit. To avoid missing the cleaning visit, we ask all our customers to provide our staff with a key or garage code. If make our customers/clients comfortable, we ask that they try to schedule a cleaning on a later day when they are around. We, at Office and Home Cleaning understand that trust is a number one priority to both our staff and customers. That is why we book every customer with a team member that we trust. This is true around the holiday season if you have more than one mis-appointment during this busy time you might end up on the waiting list. Being the busiest time of the year; many companies will request your commitment to guarantee they will not be left with an empty slot during the holidays, or vice versa .

The cleaner is available to return

Another reason why we think it is important to confirm your appointment, so you do not get the service suspended. In some cases, you will get a pass for missing your first appointment. That is, if the cleaner is available to return within the same week or has an opening the following week. At Office & Home Cleaning, we charge by the project and not by the hour. If there are many missed appointments, we end up overworking and jeopardizing our scheduling with other clients. To avoid this issue, our staff works diligently with the client by keeping communication funnels opened.

The Cleaning Service Charge

Some cleaning services might charge one and a half of the cleaning if they must reschedule the cleaning for the next cleaning visit. To avoid this, if you must cancel and reschedule the service to the next cleaning visit, have the house tidied up so it is not extra for the cleaner to clean your house. On the other hand, if the company charges by the hour, it is likely that they will charge extra as they will need to spend extra time cleaning. That is based on what type of service you use. For instance, if you pay per hour and must reschedule a cleaning, and you do not want to pay for the extra time needed to clean the house, you will miss some areas to be clean. And if this continues, you might need to get a deep clean to keep the maintenance cleaning.

The Best Option

Finally, it is important for you to feel comfortable contacting your cleaner or cleaning company to confirm your appointment. Equally, if you need, you can request them to contact you instead. That might be the best option as companies have many ways to do that and they usually do it on the daily basis. That way you are passing on the responsibility to them, avoiding any missed appointment altogether; And you do not lose your preferred slot.

To sum up, communication is essential to both parties. This is true if you are looking for a long-lasting relationship with your cleaning company—and need them to be reliable.

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